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I work with PR’s every day but these guys are properly on it. They always come to me with ideas I know will work for Mother Pukka and always have an answer within 5 mins of any query. I have always enjoyed working with them in the past and look forward to seeing Peel+Williams grow even bigger! I'll be with them till the end!


Freelance Editor


”Peel+Williams are highly skilled PR professionals. They understand the industry, they are diligent and efficient. They provide me with newsworthy content and they understand what makes for a good story. Above all this, they are great fun and I thoroughly enjoy working with them.”




”Peel+Williams are an informed and professional team who not only understand my needs as a blogger but how the industry is evolving. They provide me with exclusive opportunities and facilitate collaborations with those in the know. That and they are also good fun too.”


Freelance Journalist

(The Sunday Times)

“Kathryn and Jonathan offer just the right blend of easy charm and organised efficiency you look for in a PR. They are a great team, brilliant company, and its only after you’ve spent a weekend laughing with either of them on a press trip that you realise, by some miracle, you suddenly know their client offerings inside out.”



(GLOBETRENDER, Previous Features Editor for Business Traveller Magazine)

”I have had the pleasure of working with Jonathan and Kathryn for many years. As a journalist, I have always found they struck the right balance between representing their clients and proposing stories, and being friendly and engaging. I feel I can trust them – they are honest and full of passion. I look forward to contnuing working with them in the future.”



(Liberty London Girl)

"Back in the day bloggers were more commonly seen as time wasters, and it was hard to grab the attention of PR firms who really didn't take us seriously. However, right from the beginning, Kathryn was the one of the delightful exceptions: she understood the burgeoning importance of social media, when so many of her peers thought it irrelevant, and took the time to meet with me to discuss her clients. Her support was hugely appreciated, along with her always professional approach and charming manner. I always look forward to meetings with Kathryn because I know she only works with the most interesting and relevant clients, and would never dream of pushing off-brand content just to please a client or tick performance boxes. I'm hugely excited to work with Peel + Williams."

ROB CROSSAN, Freelance

(various magazines and national newspapers including GQ, Tatler & The Daily Mail)

“P+W has always been able to send me the ideas that make a freelance writers job easier. They know exactly what to look for in terms of original ideas and angles that are neither clichéd or dull and I have travelled with them on numerous trips and can vouch for their professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge.”

‘Working with Peel+Williams to set up a trip for Sainsbury’s Magazine to the glorious Santikos Collection was a breeze. They are approachable, down-to-earth and friendly and they knew just what we needed, were quick to respond to communications and handled all our requests.’



(Food & Travel Magazine)

Dealing with Peel+Williams in arranging a review of the new-look Four Seasons Fairways resort has been a dream. He completely appreciated the angle required for Food and Travel and curated a trip that showed the best of the resort and featured everything I needed to see. A pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing more business in the future.