Read what our clients think about Peel+WIlliams

I've been very impressed with the work Peel Williams have done for Best of England so far.


Their knowledge, experience of and network within the travel industry is undoubtable and, as such, in a short space of time they have secured great coverage and award nominations for our brand. This is my first time employing a PR company and Peel Williams have proven the value of such a service when compared to traditional marketing. On top of that, they are a pleasure to work with on a day to day basis.

‘A good PR agency is worth their weight in gold and in Peel+Williams that is certainly the case.


Having deliberated for some time as to whether or not to take on the services of an agency I can honestly say that using Kathryn and Jonathan has been one of my better decisions. Their dedication, enthusiasm and genuine desire to get results is really appreciated by all of us here at The Discerning Collection. They came highly recommended and they do not disappoint.’