Who are Peel+Williams?

Peel+Willams is Kathryn Peel and Jonathan Williams. Two London based PR directors who have been working together in boutique travel and hospitality PR for years. 

What does ‘A Communications Partner’ offer that is different to an agency?

A communications partner acts more like an employee of your business offering you advice and direction on all aspects of your brand that relate to and affect you from a media and public relations perspective. Peel+Williams is there to offer you experience and time and to act as an extension of your business. They become as excited about the business as you are and love to see it succeed. 

Should I invest in PR services for my business?

In most cases yes, it always benefits a brand to be recognised and noticed by the media as well as have a relationship management tool with the customers. With the use of booking partners and OTA's it is a lot easier to be seen and enocurage bookings but there is more to creating  brand than just filling rooms. PR will help you to stay ahead of trends, increase repeat bookings and introduce new customers to your brand.

Isn’t PR really just Media Relations?

Media Relations certainly play an important role, but there is much more to it than just sending out press releases to key publications. Public relations is a matter of both informing the media of your news and securing placements in the national, regional and online press as well as managing your brand amongst the general public made up of either previous customers or potential customers. Peel+Williams is there to advise you on the best way to announce news, to plan better marketing and media strategies, to advise on the launch strategy of a new product or to handle the situation on the rare occasion that something goes wrong.

How might PR help my brand?

PR helps new and potential customers to discover your brand and to learn about what your brand stands for. Good PR can evolve your brand into a household name or ensure an increase in revenue. PR also helps previous and current customers to re-connect and stay connected with your brand. It ensures you are first in mind. 

Does Peel+Williams only do Travel PR?

The short answer is No. We also have experience in lifestyle services and products, spa and luxury goods.

Will I see results from PR immediately?

Again, the short answer is No. If you want to see your brand spread across the travel pages of the leading newspapers then this takes time and creativity, but with someone like Peel+Williams who offer more than simply media relations you will start to see an effect on your planning and marketing strategy right from day one. Appointing Peel+Williams brings with it an energy that you or your PR/marketing team will engage with and the boost in your team’s confidence to see more, say the right thing to the media or plan leading creative campaigns will be noticeable straight away.   

Is PR a worthwhile investment?

If you appoint the right agency then yes. Submitting an RFP (request for proposal) is always a good idea to find out what someone can do for you, what they think might work and helps you to decide if you like what they suggest. However, the best way to ensure you don’t end up with a bad partner that wastes your money is to get to know them personally.

What about Social Media?

Peel+Williams exists to bridge the gap between traditional and social/deigital media. We not only understand how these services work but how they integrate into your comms strategy.  It is vital to get the balance right and ensure you are using all content marketing opportunities.