Case Study: Active Living with Helen Glover


Case Study: The Importance of an Active Life with Helen Glover 

Helen Glover, Double Olympic Rowing Gold Medal winner is known for her love of an active family life and can often be found stretching with Logan, her baby boy, on her yoga mat or rowing of an evening with her husband, adventurer and outdoors man Steve Backshall in their local rivers. They are a family that love being active and make activity part of their every day lives. Helen wants more people to do the same and so do Four Seasons Fairways – The Active Living Campaign was born.

The following five part interview with Helen gives the viewer some incredible insight into the life of an Olympic Legend and some amazing tips for leading the best active life possible.

As well as interview content we also shot daily imagery and lifestyle video for the campaign. We hosted the UK publication The Daily Telegraph who followed up with a huge Double Page Spread to promote Helen's return in October 2019 for Active Living Week.

Active Living Week is an opportunity for the general public to book a stay at Four Seasons Fairways and join Helen on various activities throughout the week.