"A team of individuals who bring something unique, creative and always interesting to the table"

P+W is supported by a network of veteran industry professionals who have earned their place in the communications business. From a national newspaper editor offering content support to an award winning advert and short commercial film director what we bring to your table is unrivalled in its level of experience and creativity. 

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Kathryn Peel, Peel and Wiliams
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We love to get under the skin of our clients and become completely immersed in their business. We expect to become part of their team, to act more as an in-house partner than an external agency. We love nothing more than to see our ideas turn into campaigns, both on the page and screen and our campaigns generate media coverage and clicks that drive revenue for the brand.

What areas do we cover?

Public Relations / Media Relations / Content / Digital / Brand Development & Innovation / Advertising & Media Buying / Photography / Film Production / Event Production / Social Media / SMM / Influencer Collaboration & Marketing / Brand Collaborations / Hotel Consultancy / New Tourism Product Development / Communications Consultancy & Planning / Reputation Management / Profile Awareness / Crisis Comms / Copywriting / Editing / Magazine Production / Public Speaking & Media Training / Creative Consultancy & Workshops

Impact through influence. Results through creativity.


Peel+Williams  ensures it's clients always receive an unbeatable and memorable service. One that not only delivers on what is promised but  which goes beyond expectations.

At the heart of what they do P+W offers strategic, creative campaigns which break through the noise and target relevant media outlets from the traditional, national and  regional publications to online, social and emerging media.

P+W  become part of a client's communications team and feel like an in-house partner. They remain immersed in the media landscape and keep on top of developing trends, advise clients on the best and most effective marketing and PR strategies and ensure clients are producing the right content and are featured in the right publications that will both benefit their brand and support  their marketing and sales initiatives.


To guarantee P+W stay relevant and useful to everyone in the media they ensure communications are always relevant, newsworthy and  interesting.

Having worked closely with most travel and lifestyle journalists over a number of years P+W know what is required to  make a good story and are able to work  with media outlets to create beautiful and uniuqe content. 

P+W regularly provide journalists with  client news, press releases, relevant content and ready-made feature ideas.

Don't just take our word for it.

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The power of influence(r).

From industry experts and professionals to bloggers, vloggers and  start-up entrepreneurs we have a knowledge of how to communicate your brand message to the right people via the correct channel.

Our network of influencers covers everything from TV and radio personalities to national editors. Sport's experts and national teams, olympians, musicians, actors and   chefs  are just some of the areas we cover.

We also appreciate the value of influence within other compatible brands and have successful case studies of brand  collaborations , from product launches to events and ongoing partnerships.