Consumer PR. For Brands with Personality

Our Consumer PR business is focused on driving brand awareness, product positioning and ultimately sales. We get that businesses like yours are working hard for every sale and that PR is a part of that multi-sheet excel titled 'marketing plan'. We like to work closely with our consumer clients to understand what they are trying to achieve beyond sales; brand recognition, thought leadership, market penetration, all require and element of a creative, well thought through PR plan. So this is what we deliver. A snappy strategy that will help you achieve your goals and leave you feeling a little bit proud of what you created. 

PeelWilliams are a pleasure to work with, chasing opportunities with admirable tenacity. Our brands have benefited from their professional, knowledgeable and approachable services, receiving coverage online and offline.

James Boyce, Managing Director 

"I've been very impressed with the work PeelWilliams have done for Best of England. Their knowledge, experience of and network within the industry is undoubtable and, as a result they secured great coverage and award nominations...On top of that they are a pleasure to work with."

Simon Ridgwell, Founder

The power of influence(r).

From industry experts and professionals to bloggers, vloggers and  start-up entrepreneurs we know how to communicate your message to the right people via the right channel.

Our network of influencers covers everything from TV and radio personalities to national editors. Sport's experts and national teams, olympians, musicians, actors and chefs are just some of the areas we cover.

We also appreciate the value of influence within other compatible brands and have successful case studies of brand  collaborations , from product launches to events and ongoing partnerships.

We make an impact, through influence!

"The enthusiasm that PeelWIlliams put in their work, from the conception of the campaigns, in the tireless accompaniment of the whole process to carry them out and bring it to a successful conclusion is admirable and contagious, we are sure that it is also the secret element for success, theirs and ours."